Welcome to UVAS and Department of Parasitology

One of the oldest institution of veterinary sciences in Asia

The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore is a public research university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Established in 1882, UVAS is one of the oldest institution of veterinary sciences in Asia. Since its inception, it maintained its reoccupation as one of the famous and renown institution of Veterinary and animal sciences. Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has ranked UVAS as 9th best higher education institute of the country, latest in 2016. Department of Parasitology of UVAS, established in 1923, has its own legacy and is one of the founding Parasitology research centre. Department of Parasitology started its postgraduate programme in 1978 and since then it has contributed much in creating awareness among the public about risks and losses associated with parasites. The department has undergraduate and post graduate laboratories along with advanced Parasitology laboratory in the field of immunoparasitology, molecular Parasitology and parasitic vaccines.

Welcome Message

  • It is a great pleasure and honor to extend a warm invitation to the PARACON 2017 “International Parasitology Conference”. UVAS has taken pride in welcoming guests from all over the world since 1882. Now, UVAS beckons you to attend PARACON 2017. I look forward to welcoming you in this engaging scientific conference in UVAS.

    Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha Vice Chancellor, UVAS
  • This is a special occasion for the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences in hosting the PARACON 2017. Department of Parasitology has long standing history of research and I hope the conference will attract academia, talented researchers and young student community.3

    Prof Dr Masood Rabbani Dean, FVS, UVAS
  • On behalf of organising committee of PARACON, we would like to express our warmest welcome to all of you participating in PARACON 2017. Lahore is a beautiful and vivacious city, well-known for its hospitality and friendly people, and I hope you will enjoy your stay in Lahore, Pakistan.

    Prof Dr Kamran Ashraf Chairman Parasitology